We are the pioneering Cab company in Sri Lanka, having started our operations in Nineteen Eighty Eight and today we are enjoying 70% of the market share to proudly be the market leader in Cab service industry in the country. Our successful operational performance permeate us to go in for an expansion program and we ventured in to the similar field of business by introducing Kangaroo Vans and Colombo City Cabs to fill up the niches that were prevailing in the market place.


To be the preferred cab service/transport provider mainly in the city and immediate suburbs among the cab users and within the corporate clientele by providing excellent, quality, and on time service by closely monitoring the day to day operations, immediately addressing client complaints and maintaining high standard of customer orientation.


Work towards receiving compliments to minimize Complaints by way of delighting the client as just satisfying is not enough to stay ahead of the competitor.


In order to achieve our vision the management of the company has introduced and maintain strict regulations and policies to maintain discipline and honesty of our staff members. All vehicles in service must fall in line with our well detailed selection criteria. Ongoing training sessions and seminars are held to educate the drivers being the front line staff facing the passenger and base operation staff as the first contact of the client. We offer special packages to meet the transport needs of the cab user and regularly up-grading the transport solutions to provide enhanced service to the valued clientele.



• Scallon Shirley Fonseka well known as “SUNIL FONSEKA” is an enterprising businessman well respected among the business and social circles and he
is also the founder member of the “TYRE HOUSE GROUP”.
• Entered in to business sphere in 1970 and, steered the Tyre House Group for the past 3 decades of hard & professional work to bring where it is
today, a multy million rupee venture.
• Member of the Lions Club and, other social friendly groups and elected to several honorary positions.


• Thushara Sanjeeva Fonseka well known as “THUSHARA” took his office as Director – Operations in 2001.
• Dynamic young gentleman, who has a good experience from bottom to top of this Industry, has taken the lead to guide and, march forward from the
situation where it is today.
• Highly impressed by the workforce professionally known as “ D.O”



• Kusal Fonseka well known as “KUSAL” took his office as Director – Finance in 2010.
• Holder of “Financial Management – Second Upper Class Degree from the UK”
• Young individual taken up challenges with innovative executions for the development of Kangaroo.
• Enthusiast young executive involved in lot of social work in the city.